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We care about our clients

Every client that comes to the Prime Group ESTRO Company receives an account manager. They will assist in every issue and be available at every stage of cooperation. This significantly saves the client time and withdraws bureaucracy in work, which is frequently inherent to large companies. A client only communicates with their account manager and isn’t distracted by communication with any other representative of the Prime Group ESTRO.

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The main areas of the company's activity

Registration and maintenance of foreign companies
Brokerage services, including taking companies public through IPO and listing on the stock exchange
Opening accounts in foreign banks and payment systems
Assistance in obtaining a residence permit/permanent residency in European countries

Take a look at what we've accomplished

The Prime Group ESTRO Company was founded in 2007. During this time, the team’s portfolio has been enriched with successful cases, examples of which we are keen to share with you. We thank our customers for their kind feedback and recommendations.It is important for us to know that Prime Group services have fulfilled their mission and achieved goals.
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