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Opening accounts for private individuals in payment systems

We offer services for opening bank accounts in payment systems. We will help you choose a payment system that meets your requirements, as well as assist with the compliance procedure and the description of the source of capital. Payment systems are an alternative to traditional banks and create significant competition for them. They are more flexible in decision-making, and a significant advantage is the ability to provide services remotely. The development of e-commerce and transnational economic ties has not only contributed to the popularity of online payments but has also increased the interest of businesses and consumers in financial institutions that can effectively serve them as a tool.

The payment system is based in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and is licensed and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ensuring the safety of your capital. According to regulatory requirements, client funds are held in separate accounts from company funds and are not used in circulation.

Advantages for individual clients

Diversification of cash flows
Convenient tool for purchasing goods on online stores and marketplaces
Fast international transfers
Ability to receive payment for services from foreign counterparts
Acceptance and sending of payments with cryptocurrency exchanges

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