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Business plan writing and investment attraction. Assistance in obtaining grants

Professionals carefully calculate and select investment opportunities from a multitude of options. Here, the proper strategy, skilled execution of the plan, and ongoing monitoring of current tasks all play equally important roles.

The work of specialists at Prime Group ESTRO involves several stages of activity:

Creating and supporting a business project by the experts of Prime Group ESTRO (lawyers, financiers, business consultants, and others).
360-degree evaluation of the project's effectiveness and analysis.
Attracting additional sources of financing - investors or assistance in obtaining grants.
To meet with an investor, you need to prepare thoroughly and get your accounting and documentation in order.

Often, companies lose out on favorable deals because they are careless in their preparation - a nice presentation and pretty words won't be enough - and they skimp on the help of a specialist.

The experts at Prime Group Estro will provide qualified assistance at every stage.

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