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Due Diligence services, including sale of legal entities, search for investors and preparation of the company for sale

If you are planning to invest in business or real estate abroad, open accounts in foreign banks, obtain a residence permit, or want to find an investor/buyer for your business, you will be offered to undergo due diligence.

This is a mandatory check of the potential investor and his family members for reliability. It identifies whether a particular person is subject to sanctions, has problems with tax payments, money laundering, or is engaged in illegal activities.

In addition, due diligence checks the legality of the receipt of funds and income. If it is about opening an account in a foreign bank, explanations for the origin of funds are required.

Even refusals of visas and their reasons are often checked for potential investors.It is worth preparing for this check in advance and thoroughly, and its duration can range from several weeks to a year. During all this time, you should work with a team of lawyers, financial specialists, and other professionals.

Prime Group Estro is your reliable partner in solving this task.

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